Friday, November 26, 2021

The Bees in the Hebes: Part 2

Apparently the other day was not the first time I noticed the bees in the hebes. Looking for something else, I stumbled upon this poem (my own) in my phone Notes. And then had a vague memory of publishing this in a previous Blogpost— May 17, 2020 to be exact. But no harm reprinting and with the same advice I gave then: read it out loud. 


The bees in the hebes,

The hebes and bees,


Busily buzzing,

Dizzily diving

Frantically fussing

Joyfully jiving

Wavily winging

And Springily singing.


The bees in the hebes are 

Gleefully gliding,

Gleefully gliding

‘Midst blossoms and leaves,

In the billowy breeze. 

Which pleases the bees. 


The bees in the hebes.

The hebes and bees. 

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