Saturday, October 5, 2019


All sports have clear rules and all sports have referees that blow the whistle when a rule is violated. The players and the spectators all understand this, respect it and accept it. Of course, there are those “kill the ump!” moments, but beyond a few dubious judgements, no referees could keep their job if they blatanty ignored the rules or bent them to their own team preference. The rule is the rule and the game depends upon them.

No different in government. The Constitution and the legal system is the rule book and our country depends upon clear, impartial and justice rulings and the unshakeable foundation that nobody is above the law. Naturally, the rich and powerful will always work the system to bend it to their advantage, the poor and marginalized will have institutionally-approved bad calls made against them. But there is a line where the violation is so flagrant and the consequences so serious that even the privileged finally have to leave the game and go to the bench—hopefully in a stark jail cell. 

So the whistleblowers are the referees keeping the game honest. They’re not spies worthy of old-fashioned execution, as a certain child-Emperor implied. They’re essential to the function of an honest government. I’d suggest that if the proceedings proceed as they should and as they must and finally the right people—ie, the Fake President—get their just desserts, I’d like to nominate the presently anonymous whistleblower for a Nobel Peace Prize. (After Maria Montessori's posthumous award, of course!) But I’m afraid his—or her—life will not be so pleasant after this act of courage.

I found a sleeper movie titled “Mark Felt.” Ring a bell? Probably not. How about “Deep Throat?” Aha, the shadowy whistleblower who gave that crook Nixon his comeuppance by tipping of Woodward and Bernstein. Turns out the two above are one and the same. Mr. Felt, a high-ranking FBI official, waited thirty years to confess that despite all the pressure from the White House to cover up the goings-on, he indeed blew the whistle that toppled their crooked regime.

And so here we are again. The big difference is that folks back then were more capable of outrage and were clear that betraying the American people had consequences. Now so much has happened since that such activity has become normalized as “no big deal” —unless a Democrat got caught, of course. Then you would hear the outraged roar from the Repugnitans. 

But here things have gotten so weird that the guy publicly admits that he encouraged the Ukraine to investigate for his own political gain and then goes on to publicly state that China should do the same.

People, he has gone offsides, committed pass interference, fouled intentionally and —well, keep all those violations coming, he’s done just about all. It’s time to throw him out of the game. The whistle has blown. Let’s do the right thing.

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