Wednesday, October 23, 2019


I wonder if our ancestors ever woke up and thought, “Dang! I really don’t feel like stalking through that dangerous forest today to hunt for food. When are they going to invent supermarkets?”

After my next bonus 5 more hours in the airport and arriving home at 2:30 am Ohio time, I awoke the next morning for school, scraped the car coming out of the garage, sped to make the lights so I could get parking in the school lot, missed it by one car and had that moment of thinking, “Hey, I could be retired, still sleeping in a cozy bed and awakening to the day before me without the tension of schedules, traffic or parking. Why am I doing this again?”

But then in came the 8thgraders and I helped the first group learn a little trick about improvisation in their new piece that worked. And then second group felt like we were a garage band trying things out—and they were working! After class, seven 8thgraders came back into the room to spend their precious recess going over all their xylophone pieces. At the same time! The ones from one group showed the ones from the other group their parts. Then one group began playing the full Magnetic Rag by themselves and they sounded great! 

Question answered. 

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