Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Schubert's Op Ed

Where does one get the news? How does one know what’s the real story and what’s really fake news—or fakely real news? What’s really going on here? 


Well, the statistics are grim. The expert’s viewpoints are not rosy. The denier’s lies are transparent. The futurist’s predictions are not suggesting fairy tale endings. But occasionally one hears something that rings true down to the bones and defies even the facts. 


Like Schubert’s Trout Quintet. The simple fact of organized vibrations bowed, hammered and plucked tell a story that sings a beauty that is truth and truth that is beauty beyond any sensible argument. Each note proclaims that this precious gift of life will endure, must endure in spite of all the death-dealers. The facts are not to be tossed aside or casually denied, but they are not the whole truth. Somewhere inside of this all is a force that has no age and is eternally present in each moment, here and now, but hidden and neglected and ignored. Until the bow passes over the string and it leaps out to embrace our darkest fears and assure us that there is more to the matter. Somehow just listening to Schubert helps heal our broken selves and societies and brings solace in the face of despair. 


That’s today’s headline news.


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