Thursday, October 31, 2019

Horton's Eggs

On the occasion of my 40thwedding anniversary, I started thinking about all the other things that I’ve stuck with over the many long years. It seems that some part of my character values a long-term commitment, with a steadfast faithfulness like Horton hatching an egg (read your Dr. Seuss). I can testify that on one hand, such perseverance pays off and improvement is tangible and equally, that things don’t change that much. The list below is personal and will mean nothing to the reader except for a little homework assignment. What are the re-occurring long-term commitments in your life? Why not make your own list? 

Meanwhile, “I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, 100%!” On to my 45thHalloween celebration at The San Francisco School!

Number of years (* means not continuing now)

61—playing piano
47—Zen student
47—keeping a journal
47—living in San Francisco
45—with my wife
45—teaching at school
44— teaching Orff workshops
40—years married with my wife
38—going to Orff Conferences
37—living on 2ndAve.
37—New Year’s walk with friends
34—teaching national Orff workshops
32—Snow trip/ West Point Inn with friends *
31—teaching the Jazz Course
29—teaching international Orff workshops
29—Men’s group
29—Teaching with my colleague James
28—teaching Levels Courses
23—Teaching with my colleague Sofia
13—Xephyr performing group *
11— Playing piano at the Jewish Home
9—writing a blog
8—with the Pentatonics Jazz Band

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