Friday, October 25, 2019

Raising the Baby

It was a 12-month pregnancy, but finally the baby was born. 10 fingers and 10 toes, a few minor blemishes, but all in all, a welcome addition to the family. The labor pains were at times excruciating, but to finally hold the baby in my hands was one of life’s pleasures where all the work was justified ten times over. 

But after that moment of satisfaction comes the realization that more work awaits. Having birthed the baby, now I have to raise, set it out there in the world and make sure it takes its proper place amongst friends and companions. I have to keep praising it, pushing it forward in the party to play that piano piece for the crowd, find all the people who I know would love to meet it and convince them that they should take it home. 

Of course, I’m talking about my new book, my ninth. Now that it’s out in physical form, I have to get it on numerous Websites, get it mailed to the appropriate dealers, advertise it in key places, bring it around with me to workshops, consider going to local bookstores to plug it, shamelessly display it on Facebook, the front desk at school and now this blog. And don’t you, dear reader, want to buy one? 

As of now, it’s available atwww.westmusic.comand soon at various other Orff book-dealers and soon on Amazon. It’s a little suspect when parents overpraise their child, but I’m so proud of this one. And equally proud of its 8 siblings. Each one a different corner of the miraculous world I’ve been blessed to live in—making music with children. 

A little pause and then on to the 10thbook. I’m not done yet!

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