Tuesday, March 10, 2020

God's Elbow Bump

I have some default setting on my car i-Pod (yes, first on my block to get one and now, does anyone use them anymore?) that automatically goes to one song whenever it boots up anew. It’s a spiritual called God’s Unchanging Hand and the chorus goes like this:

Hold to his hand, to God’s unchanging hand (2x)
Build your hopes on things eternal
Hold to God’s unchanging hand. 

Focusing on the eternal at the moment is a good idea, since the temporary has gone haywire. Every day, another event cancelled, another outbreak somewhere, another preparation to close down all social venues and turn it all over to Google Meet and Facetime. Already I’m feeling the diminishment of greetings from hug to handshake to elbow bump, the weirdness of doing some folk dances without hand holds, some clapping plays without actually clapping your partner’s hand. (Of course, all small problems in the face of all the fatalities, but we always begin from our little corner of experience). In the light of all this, it seems like good advice to hold to God’s unchanging hand and not your partner’s germ-laden one. 

But just to be safe, we might consider an elbow bump with the Supreme Being. You can never be too careful.

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