Sunday, March 15, 2020

Rain and Taxes

The second day of rain in this new life. We’re low here in drought-vulnerable California, so rain is always a happy sign. But it does mean yet another indoor day and short of jumping rope, less exercise than this body deserves. Well, I suppose I could begin some indoor exercise routine— that’s within the power of this flexible, adaptable human biped.

The grandkids are heading down after spending the night in Medford, hoping they’ll get over what might be a snowy pass. Life will change radically when they arrive and though I always welcome every minute with them, not sure if I’m prepared for two weeks that could stretch to more, especially without the routine of school for them and school for me. No secret that I love kid’s energy, but also have to be real about this aging body/mind that needs some space and solitude.

And so today. I could have titled this post “The End of Procrastination” as it’s a perfect (and needed) time to dive into preparing my taxes. Once I break through my reluctance, it will be a pleasure to be in the safe, dry world of numbers, where with a minimum amount of structure and the help of a calculator, everything should add up and make sense. 2 and 2 will still make 4 when just about everything else doesn’t add up as it used to.

A little music on the speakers to keep me company, the view out the glass French doors of the falling rain and first tiny announcement of wisteria blossoms to come. This will be good. Always the piano for a break and maybe even read a bit of my book mid-day! And maybe even stay awake while I do it!

The longer I write this, the more I can avoid getting out the receipts saved over the year of tax-deductible CD’s (yep, I still buy them!), books, concerts, etc. Why is this like standing at the edge of a cold lake gathering up the courage to jump in? 

Okay, here I go—


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