Thursday, March 5, 2020

Letter to My Reader

Amongst so much else going on, I’m noticing that the number of folks daily reading this Blog is quite small. No wonder that. Everyone’s busy tracking the pathway of the virus or taking the temperature of the Democratic voters or raiding the shelves at Costco preparing for the Apocalypse. Who gives a fig about hearing yet another reflection from a music teacher? I get it. 

But I did have one faithful reader today and to you, I say: “How are you holding up? What are you thinking about these days? How are you responding to all of the above? Are you hoping I’ll say something that gives insight or better yet, lets in a sliver of hope?”

Well, that’s certainly what I would like to read, but don’t know if I’m capable of writing it at the moment. Though truth be told, I had yet another wonderful class with 4thgraders, first time I’ve taught them since end of January and we just got right into it and both groups mastered the melody of a Hungarian dance song. I told them that this was what I will most miss about school—having a tune in mind and knowing that the kids could play it no problem, with enthusiasm, perseverance, satisfaction. And then be ready for the next layer of texture the next class until four classes later, bam! we’ve got something worth sharing in the Spring Concert. I also told them that if my colleagues get an invitation to teach for a week or two somewhere next year, I will be so happy to jump back into school and teach them again! And they genuinely seemed to like that idea. (I didn’t tell them how happy I’ll be to jump out again without going to staff meetings or writing report cards!)

Well, dear reader, that’s what I’ve got for today. Oh, forgot teaching the 1stand 2ndgraders the Charleston knee-move after singing 5 Foot Two and cracking up watching them trying to master it! And most of them did. 

That’s the report for today. Let us see what tomorrow brings. But meanwhile, let us keep bringing our best selves to tomorrow and work to make each day memorable, fun and worthy of children’s time. 

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