Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Importance of G

Amidst the many stupid first-world problems of this increasingly scary pandemic, I’m having trouble with the “g” on my computer keyboard. Either nothing comes up when I press it or I have to repeatedly press it and it’s driving me crazy. For example, I wanted to tell you about a satisfyin online homework for 8th rade and even typin this sentence, I missed three of those aforementioned letters. Like all we’re understandin now, how you don’t know what you’ve ot till it’s one. (Fill in that letter!) Here’s my short report. Can you et it?

“I  ot the idea of ettin the kids to do a report about eore ershwin and his son  I ot Rhythm. Found a ood Youtube clip of Ella Fitzerald sinin it and also a tap dance version by reory Hines that was reat!”

uess I won’t be oin to the Apple Store for quite a while to fix it. Any suestions? You can send them to Dou oodkin.

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