Saturday, August 8, 2020

Selling Out

As a young hippie crusader for social justice in my college days, I was convinced that the revolution—preferably the peaceful transformation of consciousness—was going to come soon. And now look at where we are.

One of the fears we revolutionaries had is that as we aged and needed to deal with inconveniences like jobs and mortgages, that we would “sell out to the Establishment.” In fact, none of the people I’m still in touch with from my college days have become Republican and most have kept their visions intact, now naturally matured and evolved. More on this later.

Meanwhile, I was listening to some old 60’s songs the other day and hit on a format to revisit the titles in the face of the sell-out, the matured evolutionary and the simply aging (ie all of my generation) person. Here’s the first installment.

For those who abandoned their youthful dreams and values and hopes to change the world in favor of simply getting their share—or more of their share— of the pie ( and the pie ain’t organic blackberries with whole wheat crust and natural honey sweetener)—here is how they sing the old songs. See if you can figure out the title of the original song, changed to: 

• Sitting on My Yacht in the Bay.

• All I Want to Do Is Scheme

• Who Knows Where the Best Time-Share Is?

• Here Is My Fortune

• I Can Always Get What I Want

• Born to Be Filed

• I Want to Sell My Land

And then some unchanged titles with comments:

If I Fellon your property, I’d sue your ass!

• Teach My ChildrenCOVID be damned! I’m busy!

• So Far Awaythat’s where we should deport all immigrants

• Catch the Wind… windpower is profitable these days.

• Stand By Me… and don’t give me that masked 6-feet crap!

• Fools Rush Inand that’s how I got rich on my Ponzi scheme.

• The Last Thing on My Mind…  is to care about you. 

Get the idea? Feel free to add your own!

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