Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sitting Still

“When things are going to rack and ruin, the most purposeful act may be to sit still.” 

                              -Henry Miller


There you have lesson number 1 of the pandemic. The Repugnitan Convention notwithstanding, that random collection of mindless platitudes that mean nothing whatsoever in the mouths of them who spit them out, there is an exponential increase of awareness that is aided by pandemic’s long “Time Out.” Time to reflect, to turn inward, to consider and re-consider, to read, to inform oneself more fully, to simply sit still is an invitation that some have accepted. And I don’t want to be naïve here—not everyone has that privilege or luxury as they awaken to the call of the bus to be driven, meat to be packed, things to be manufactured, patients to attend to. But for those who can, sitting still is an act of needed change.


But it also makes a difference where you sit. One place can be on your meditation pillow, but you might also sit next to a child reading. Or on the couch, balancing escaping into TV drama with awakening into a mind-opening documentary. And don’t forget the chair in the voting booth. Don’t forget the sit-in protest. Don’t forget the kitchen table writing postcards reminding people to vote. 


Action without reflection is only half-baked, but equally reflection without action. We need both. And most importantly, even when we’re Zoomed or socially distanced, let’s sit together.

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