Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Zoom Connection

“I’ve had to eat many of my words over the years and I find them rather tasty, “ quipped Winston Churchill and after ranting for years about increased screen time as the downfall of civilization, I’m having quite a tasty snack myself. In the past week or so, courtesy of Zoom, this happened:


• I had a workshop with 300 music teachers from Iran, none of whom I could have met in their country or they met me in mine. In your face, immigration patrol!!!


• I connected with some distant cousins over a Batmitzvah and got to see folks I haven’t seen in ten or more years. 


• I had a reunion with some of my dear college friends who, if I’m lucky, I get to see once every five or ten years. And here we all were together! (And happy to report, all still alive and healthy and doing good things, just as we hoped we would when we first met over 45 years ago.)


• I got to play my Sibelius arrangement of a game my granddaughter taught me so she could hear it. 


• I’m remembering to take screenshots of everyone in their squares, first time we’ve been in photos together since forever.


• I’m piecing together a Fall of Zoom workshops so my teaching muscles don’t atrophy and my life’s mission of spreading the good news of Orff Schulwerk can continue—and even increase! All without the guilt of excessive carbon emission.


And so on.


Of course, like everyone, I yearn for the renewal of live human contact, especially group music-making and dance. But meanwhile, a heartfelt thanks to Zoom. It helps.



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