Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Subterranean Trumpsick Blues

With thanks and apologies to Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues. (Worth a listen—check it out!) 

1) Trumpies in the White House, bleaching out the medicine

We’re in the fight now, tryin’ to save the government,

Fauci with a mask on, almost got laid off, 

Says he’ll tell the truth and he won’t be paid off,


Look out, kid, it’s nothin’ wrong you did

You gotta keep on talkin’, keep tellin’ us again.

Don’t duck down the alleyway, go into hidin’

Just wait a little longer for Prez Joe Biden.


2) Dump Trump, fence Pence, turn around the governments 

Tear down, tear gas Repugnitans kissing ass,

Damn Graham, ban Barr, got caught in the Cookie jar

Jail Cohen, jail Stone, askin’ “Where’s my Roy Cohn?”


Look out, creeps, can’t spin it with a tweet,

God knows why but you don’t even try to

Say it straight, skip the hate, nothin’ but your lies, lies,

A man in a red tie and weird orange hair

Got his leg all tied up, caught it in his own snare. 


3) Step up, step down, take it all to higher ground.

Out the gate, at the plate, standin’ on the pitcher’s mound,

Speak out, shout out, “Black lives matter!”

Throw the pitch, aim for Mitch, but don’t hit the batter.


Look out, Don, we’re bringin’ it on,

You can whisk away, knock ‘em down, bring your troops into the town.

Hit the bottom, think you got’ em, you keep on getting lower,

But vets, Moms, Dads got their giant leaf-blowers.


4) Hit hard, be on guard, keep writing on a postcard.

Work from home, write a poem, get to talkin’ on the phone.

Keep on fightin,’ put the time in, get the vote out for Joe Biden.

Skip Paris, be Roger Maris, hittin’ home runs for K. Harris.


Get the vote out, kid, donate the quid.

Keep on hopin,’ keep the post office open.

Working day and night for a blue tsunami, 

Gettin’ rid of Donald T. and Rudy Guliani.



5) Wear a mask, don’t ask, keep your social distance.

Hit the street, ignore the tweet, keep up the resistance.

Work online, let it shine, support your teachers in the schools.

Cross the moat, get out to vote, let’s get rid of the fools.


Come on, folks, it ain’t no joke, 

We gotta bring back the power, the power to the people, 

Go high, pass on low, Trumpublicans they got to go,

The church is closed cause the vandals took the steeple.


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