Thursday, April 5, 2018

Still Here

Dear Mom,

It has been a busy time. Well, it’s almost always a busy time. But now I’ve been doing something new, recording my first CD in a studio with four wonderful musicians and trying to get moving on all the other work that goes with birthing this project. This on top of the usual classes at school and tonight, packing for my first real trip to New Orleans. Almost set to go and trying to squeeze in a movie with Talia and nephew Eren, Black Panther.

In spite of all the busyness and feeling that I had 12 different balls up in the air, still there was room to pause and think that this date was significant. No Facebook reminder to tell me, nothing on my calendar, just the intuition that you were present. And sure enough, tomorrow is the date you left us, four years ago. Four years. Always astounding to add the days up and realize how long ago it was. And yet, here you are, still talking to me somehow.

Of course, there’s lots of news, as always, to tell you. But I have to meet Talia for the movie! So it can wait. The most important news is that I remember you often and I hope you feel that, as the movie Coco intimated that you would. I’ll write more later, but just wanted to let you know.

And Dad, if you’re listening, I’m aware that you would have been 100 this years had you stayed with us 10 more years. And you’re still on my mind as well. Just out of curiosity, do you and Mom talk out there?

Off to the movies.

Your loving son,


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