Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Good Day

There are many ways to have a good day. Last Wednesday, it felt so good to get the last detail of the first CD of my long life as a sort-of musician off to the proper folks to meet the deadline for the CD release concert. And Saturday, it was both fun and satisfying to give three workshops at the Carl Orff Canada Conference in Canada, each with a distinctly different focus (jazz/ body percussion/ preschool) and still have time to enjoy the many friends there and even get to dance with attractive young women after the banquet. Yeah!

But today was a different kind of good day, the kind we need occasionally when all of life’s little errands that have been poking and prodding you demand some attention and you get on some kind of rhythmic roll where they fall down like perfectly-struck bowling pins. Things like this:

• Bought new shoelaces.
• Bought a new eyeglass case.
• Cleaned my computer screen.
• Cut my nails.
• Filled out the school room request form for an upcoming workshop.
• Printed flyers to have ready for a workshop this Saturday.
• Traded in used books for new reading material.

So not the epiphany of an exquisite sunset or the moment of deep connection with a fellow human being or your newly-published book arriving in the mail. But it all made me happy nonetheless. Life's little details, each alone making a small impact, but adding up to some measure of satisfaction.

It was a good day.

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