Monday, July 16, 2018

Rhyming in Spanish

I’ve been teaching in Spain on a somewhat regular basis since 1991, so in those 27 years, many people have studied with me. Since I began teaching with nothing more than some rusty high school Spanish, that means they’ve observed my progress in mastering the language. And basically, teaching for a week or two once every year or so is more or less how I’ve learned the language. I’ve never stayed in a Spanish-speaking place for more than three or four weeks and though I’ve at times regretted not taking that missing step towards real fluency, it has mostly worked out.

But here’s something strange. Many people commented that my Spanish has improved geometrically from the last time I taught here in 2016 and that is baffling. I’ve made no conscious effort to improve it, used it in my recent course in Mexico for 4 days and another 2 -day course in Barcelona last year, but none of that accounts for a leap in fluency. But it’s true that I’ve found myself speaking much faster without the usual hesitation and darned if I know why.

Today, starting my next course in Barcelona one day after my last one in Madrid, I gave a little talk and stumbled into a cool rhyme! In Spanish!

“Estamos aqui para crear el futuro que queremos,
 No seguir con el presente que tenemos.”

Ooh. I liked that. “We are here to create the future that we want, not just continue with the present that we have.” El futuro que queremos, no el presente que tenemos!

Pues, a lo mejor voy a empezar a escribir estos “posts” en Español. O no.


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