Monday, July 23, 2018

Satan's Lease

There are two things I’m having difficulty understanding these days: Human stupidity and human cruelty.

As for the first, just read the recent news about Trump’s rating in the polls. Don’t even try to explain how in the light of recent actions, his ratings have (allegedly) gone up. It’s simply beyond human comprehension.

As for the second, I state the case of my daughter’s landlord, probably a liberal San Franciscan who should know better to be better. Trying to survive against all odds the astronomical rents in this city gone haywire with housing prices—and on a teacher’s salary at that—my daughter Talia pays a whopping $1800 a month to share a flat with two roommates. With a month of travel ahead, she advertised her room to sublet and miraculously, found someone. Being the dutiful tenant she is, she let her landlord know and this woman texted back, “No subletting allowed.”

So here’s the deal. Talia has been a trustworthy tenant for four years now, always pays her rent on time, was gracious when she was ousted for one month of renovations that stretched with broken promise after broken promise to four months. If the sub-letter did anything “bad,” my daughter was well aware that she would be responsible.

So someone please explain to me why this __________ of a woman would:

1)   Care whether another body was sleeping in that bed when she gets paid the same no matter what.

2)   Wouldn’t feel open to Talia getting some financial relief from her over-the-top rent when it has absolutely zero impact on the building or her as a landlord.

3)   Wouldn’t have some sympathy for someone trying to make it on a teacher’s salary and doing good work at that.

4)   Wouldn’t be open to at least having a conversation about it instead of refusing to answer her phone and sending texts only.

I mean really. What kind of person would do something like this and why? What would keep her from simply doing the right thing or at least enjoying the sensation of feeling generous in light of the situation? What happened to her in her life that she feels the need to be needlessly cruel, insensitive, unhelpful?

Really, Ms. Landlord, it would take so little on your part to do one decent thing and yet you refuse. And though I ask for an explanation, I really don’t want to hear your excuse. Save it for St. Peter as he sends you to your condo in the Infierno and you sign the lease for all of eternity. And I hope Satan charges you double rent.

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