Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Goodkin Wenceslas

As a kid, I always got a kick out of thinking that removing one g put me into the song Good King Wenceslas. All these years later, finally got to use this in a parody/poem. Who knows where these things come from, but walking through Golden Gate Park, I found myself imagining the first line and off I went, walking and singing and speaking it into the Notes feature on my i-Phone so I wouldn’t forget it.

So here it is, probably as fitting a way as any to close this, my 9thyear of this Blog— still a music teacher, still traveling and still confessing more than anyone probably wants to hear. Thanks to all you readers who stick with it and wishing you all the best in 2020! 

1)   Goodkin once loved Santa Claus,
       Loved his jolly spirit.
      Pledged that this would be his cause,
            To help bring others near it. 

              Now that feels a good league hence,
              Far from generous giving.
              Living with Trump and Mike Pence,
              (If you can call that liv—ing.)

2)   Goodkin went once and looked out,
              As the year was turning.
              Looking back he heard the shouts,
              ‘Midst flooding and the burn-ing.

              “We won’t take it any more!
                The ignoring and denying. 
                Disdain for the victimed poor
                Deafness to kids cry-ing.”

3)   In the tyrant’s steps some trod
              Bringing down democracy
              Like peas sheltered in a pod
              Hiding in hypocrisy. 

              Therefore all good folks unite
              Wealth or rank possessing
              Let us join in the good fight
              Bring healing and some bless—ing.

4)   Those who now can sing this song.
              With these words can read it.
              Let’s pledge now it won’t take long
              Before we start to heed it. 

              May truth and love be our reward,
              And small things feel like plenty.
              May our vision be restored
              Return to 20/20. 

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