Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Guest Artist

Truth be told, my first granddaughter was not the happiest of children in her first five years of life. She was feisty, explosive, unpredictable and spent a significant amount of time in time-out. My theory is that she wanted to grab the world and shake it by its tail, but she was too young to have the power of expression. 

Now all that has changed. She’s reading up a storm, can play lots of games, has learned a few things on the piano, can shoot baskets, ride a bike and kind of swim, loves numbers and loves to draw. Now that she has more control over the exciting possibilities swirling in her mind and body, she has the power of expression and can channel and focus her various energies. 

Here is an example of her emerging cartooning, in my biased mind, quite sophisticated for a second grader! I especially love the changing expressions. Can’t wait to read her next installment!

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