Tuesday, December 24, 2019

'Tis the Night

‘Tis the night before Christmas in our Air B ‘n’ B
With Malik, Karen, Kerala, Tals, Zadie, Ronnie 
The stockings are hung in this house in Palm Springs
Where the night’s filled with stars and the desert wind sings.

And inside the house, generations they gather
For the family vacation where nothing else matters.
But cooking and swimming and readings and walks
And touring and tickling and TV and talks.

Where days they are warm and the nights they are cold
Where grandparents feel young and the grandkids feel old.
Where the jokes they are funny and the music is groovy.
Where we surf Netflix for a good Christmas movie. 

Where no one is feeling down in the mouth
Only wondering if Santa will show up down South.
Where happiness reigns and we shoo out the blues
By vowing each day that we won’t watch the news. 

The presents are gathered ‘neath the palm tree
Lots for the kids and perhaps one for me
Which suits me just fine, not much do I need
And it’s the right time to downsize on greed. 

For it’s clear that the greatest gifts are both love and time
And music and reason and laughter and rhyme.
The things with no price-tags in this large land of plenty
May all good rise up in the year 2020!

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