Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Problem Solving II

Wrote the last post before rushing out the door for play rehearsal and thought of two more solutions to waking up cold in my house. 

3) Put on a warm sweater.

4) Move to Florida.

Now apply these four to any situation that you think needs fixing. For example, living under a President who has told 15,000 documented lies (average of 14 per day!) and somehow that’s become okay. Let’s run it through the four solutions:

1)   Change my attitude and look for the good things. Well, my search for worthy qualities of a human being in Mr. T. keeps coming up blank in his words and behavior. But I do think he has revealed the underbelly of so many unresolved issues in our country that need addressing—and woken up many people to realize that we all need to be more active and vigilant and involved in shaping a better version of our national selves.

2)   Turn on the heat. Of social activism and pressure to Congress to do the right thing and impeach and remove him for using his Presidential powers for his own selfish ends.

3)   Put on a warm sweater means wrapping myself up in the comfort of the clothes I wear that warm my heart—good work with children, for example. 

4)   Move to Florida could be a good idea to help change the voting profile of that important state, but I also could move to New Zealand to choose a place that is several notches more sane (though still vulnerable to hate crime mass shootings). 
Truth be told, there is no place on earth exempt from the personal and collective failings of us complicated humans. But still New Zealand seems appealing. Until I realize…

It’s cold there in the winter!

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