Monday, December 23, 2019

The Tree in the Forest

Yesterday our 38thneighborhood Christmas caroling party that we host and wasn’t that wonderful? Old neighbors since moved away who were there at the first come back yet again, new neighbors, alums from school, 10 young kids including my grandchildren—the tradition lives on and gloriously so. And then boarding the N-Judah bus, our version of drive-by singing, riding 8 blocks belting out Jingle Bells and more singing at Yancey’s Saloon, Pasquales Pizza, Crepevine Restaurant. The startled customers all smiling and of course, the first impulse is to whip out the cell phones instead of singing along, but some did eventually join in.

And speaking of cell phones, those of us singing never took a single photo or video. So in the new version of the tree falling in the forest and no one witnessing the sound, I ask this modern riddle:

If something wonderful happens and no one records it and posts on Facebook, did it really happen?

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