Monday, November 26, 2018

Next Chapter

The nine-day grandkids marathon has come to a close. Last night we celebrated daughter Talia’s 34th birthday and had one more evening of the battle of the will between 5 adults—Mom, Aunt, Great Aunt and two grandparents—and 2 kids 3 and 7 years old. The kids, though outnumbered, roundly defeated the adults. But somehow managed to get to bed closer to their bedtime than the usual two hours later this visit.

Up and in the car by 4 am to take them to the airport. Made every one of the 22 traffic lights between my home and the freeway and arrived in a record 22 minutes, door to Terminal 2. Driving back, there was a steady flow of the cars on the freeway heading south. Really?! At 4:30 in the morning? Where the heck was everyone going? Who begins their workday this early? I heard a story of an Irish poet who was visiting Germany, accidentally got up early and looked out the window at the early-morning traffic and wrote to his friend, “They’re at it again!”

Today I would be joining them (though at 7:30 am instead of 4:30!) if I wasn’t off from school. But I will be reporting to my boss, the Muse, to resume my writing schedule. First though is to reclaim the house, put away the fifteen pillows from the pillow fight, re-shelve the children’s books and games, decide which drawings to put on the refrigerator, tend to the growing list of e-mails and accumulation of papers on my desk. It will be a relief to bathe my ears in silence, to move amongst the quiet visual music of a clean house, follow my own rhythms of body and mind instead of marching to the beat of four other little feet.

Not that I’m complaining. Contrast in life is like contrast in music— the busy energy is more welcomed after the slow quiet passage and after all those flurry of notes and crescendoed cadences, the full resonance of a few notes well placed over a few chords is more deeply heard and appreciated. The Thanksgiving of having both, each in their own proper time, keeps me grateful for it all.

Now to turn the page to the next chapter in the ever unfolding story.

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