Wednesday, July 6, 2022

A Tourist In Your Town

Having had a delightful week taking granddaughter Zadie around San Francisco as if we were tourists in a new town, my grandson Malik will come down to visit in the coming week for more of the same. A nice way to see the familiar with new eyes. Hence, this poem du jour.


When things are low and getting stale

You’re feeling rather down.

Walk out the door, hoist up your sail,

Be a tourist in your town!


Break out those splashy shirts,

Throw the camera ‘round your neck.

Go rent a car from Hertz

A Jaguar? What the heck!


The place you pass most every day,

Now looks like someplace new.

The cup you drink at your café

Tastes better and more true.


The things you’ve seen so oft before

Come laden with surprise.

As if you’ve opened a new door,

You see with tourists’ eyes.


The camera’s eye now frames,

What was too close to see.

Those shuttered windowpanes,

On the shop that serves herb tea.


The skateboarders careening,

Down Lombard’s curvy street.

All takes on a new meaning

When you walk with tourist feet.

The sounds of children playing,

The thunderous ocean roar.

Why, you might consider staying,

Perhaps a few days more?


So when your spirit’s flagging,

No remedies can be found.

Take my advice, put on new eyes,

Be a tourist in your town. 

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