Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Poet's Corner: Summer in the City

The theme for my Men’s Group meeting tomorrow is poetry— our own. So I dipped back into the file where mine sits unread and thought, “I like these!” Not all, but enough of them to consider getting them out in some kind of print. What better place to start than this Blog venue? They range from the musical to the whimsical to a free-verse aim at greater depth— and sometimes all three in one poem. So here is the poem-du-jour expressing my current reality of summer in San Francisco.


Hello you foggy Frisco day,

So cold and gray from Break to Bay

Just thought I’d tell you it’s okay

If you want to send that fog away.


If you would only be so kind,

To show some sun, why, I wouldn’t mind.

Summer’s best when it is hot.

And in San Fran, that’s what we’ve got.                



-               2008


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