Thursday, July 28, 2022

Question to the Gods

Hey, gods, I have a question for you. While you’re frolicking around endlessly drinking ambrosia and getting into trouble, we poor mortals have to constantly face the truth of our own mortality. Is this really necessary? I took a bite of dried mango today, its sweetness exploding in my mouth and thought, “Why shouldn’t I get to taste this forever? Why will I have to stop making music with my Level III students someday? It doesn’t make sense! I love it all so much, from mangos to music, and it took me so long to clear away the thorns to finally fully smell the roses and you’re telling me that a clock is ticking and it has to stop?”


That ticking clock said “71” today and I’d be a bit happier if it got stuck on, say, 51, but I guess I don’t get to decide. So I’ll just keep on keepin’ on, savor the mango yet deeper and teach until my last breath, if need be. But hey, if you want to send a bit of immortal ambrosia down this way, I’d happily take a sip.



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