Sunday, July 31, 2022


Two slanted boards with a hole in them and eight beanbags. That’s all it takes to be connected with people you know in a new and delightful way. 


It’s the weekend in our summer course and over the past 20 plus years with six of these ten fabulous teachers, we’ve found lots of fun things to do. When the course was in San Francisco, a walking tour, bike rides, Go-car rental, Beach Blanket Babylon show, jazz club or other music concert, dinner out and a movie and more. Once we moved to Hidden Valley, we’ve gone whale watching, to the Monterey Aquarium, lunch at Nepenthe in Big Sur, pitch-and putt golf at Pebble Beach, Asilomar Beach, Bach Festival, Santa Cruz Boardwalk and of course, dinner in Carmel and a movie in Monterey. 


But playing this cornhole game with beanbags, a new addition at our hotel, turned out to be one of the most fun ways of being together I can remember! So simple, but so satisfying and so interesting to see all our different personalities emerge— the childlike squeal of delight, the determined competitive “we have to win!’ look, the comic dance style of throwing, the connection with one’s teammate. And by switching partners each game, making that connection with multiple people. Again, so simple, so fun! 


Earlier, some of us had gone whale watching again and I was with a group that went to an Escape Room, my first time and hilarious how bewildered I was when we began and suddenly everyone was busily searching for things while I, who had expected us to gather around a written clue and discuss it, was totally baffled thinking, “What the hell is going on here?!!!” with no one wanting to take the time to explain it. So I just watched and joined in and kind of got the hang of it at my old-guy-slower pace, but still was mostly amazed at the quick. Insightful thinking and action of my younger colleagues. We did solve the clues and “escaped” with six minutes to spare, so that was satisfying.


That costs $45 each and whale watching was $70 and again, both were fun shared experiences. But this free game of cornhole topped them all. A good lesson to remember.


Now on to  laundry and correcting homework. Happy weekend, everyone!

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